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March 3, 2020


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Welcome to the Alma Homes blog! Our team of designers and architects share weekly design cheat sheets, product roundups, and frequent updates on our current projects. Enjoy reading!

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Hey friends! We’re making crazy progress on The Lake Loft, and we can’t believe how quickly the Artisan Tour is coming up (in June!) We want to start giving you regular updates on the house projects, so you can follow along with the build!

We’re done with sheetrock

It’s crazy how much of a difference sheetrock makes – it takes a skeleton of a house and turns it into rooms and hallways. Just imagine once these spaces are painted!

Tile, trim and cabinets are beginning

There are so many decisions that go into a build, and it’s so different being on the client side, along with the design and building, this time! We’ve had a lot choices to make and so many of them left us torn. But tile, trim and cabinets are picked and being installed, and things are starting to take shape.

Siding began last week

This is where the exterior starts to look like a real house! We’re so excited to see it all coming together.

Help us with the finishing touches

We’re coming down to final decisions, like paint color, and we’d love to get your input! Let us know what you think so far, and make sure to keep checking back for updates here and on Instagram @AlmaHomes to weigh in on our design choices – June will be here so soon!

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