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May 26, 2022


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Ah, laundry. It’s the never-ending chore that multiplies right in front of your eyes because it’s somehow never getting done (we blame the kids).

Don’t you wish you had a magic wand? While we don’t have that exactly, we have helpful design features in mind that are pretty darn close. We’re sharing our custom laundry room must-have design features that promise to help you complete this chore efficiently and (hopefully) without breaking a sweat.

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1. Raised Laundry Appliances

Deciding to raise our washer and dryer off the laundry room floor was a design choice we don’t regret. Because of it, we have a more beautiful, organized laundry room with tons of storage (underneath the appliances too). You’ll never have to get on your knees for laundry again – talk about a back saver!

2. Custom Drying Racks

We included custom drying racks built by our local cabinet shop in our laundry room to save critical space and to air dry our clothing. These drying racks tuck out of the way when they aren’t needed, save energy, and aren’t as hard on your clothing (especially sweaters). These racks eliminate the creases from hangers when you’re air-drying particular pieces.

3. Hanging Drying Rod

In addition to the drying racks, we included a sleek drying rod in our laundry room to hang dry clothing that may be bulkier or aren’t as delicate. When you’re doing laundry for an entire family (like we are) it’s nice to have multiple dedicated spaces to air dry items, while still keeping your laundry room looking clean and functional.

4. Farmhouse Sink

Instead of opting for a utility sink that didn’t fit the style of our home, we incorporated a gorgeous (and huge) farmhouse sink into our laundry room design. Having a sink in your laundry room is great for pre-rinsing or treating clothes that are heavily stained or hand washing clothes that can’t be thrown in the washer.

5. Ample Cabinetry Storage

Functional cabinetry is crucial in a laundry room design to make doing laundry less of a chore! We incorporated floor-to-ceiling and under-counter storage in our space to maximize space with practical storage, organize extra linens and store cleaning products. Does anyone ever really regret extra storage? We think not.

These five custom laundry room features have proven to be worthwhile design features that have saved our family both time and stress when doing this household chore! Which design feature are you writing down our your laundry room wish list? Follow us on Instagram for a closer look at #thelakeloft laundry room.


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