How To Design The Perfect Kitchen Pantry

March 24, 2023


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Toasters, fryers, and mixers, OH MY! These are a few of the many small appliances we love tucking away into our kitchen pantry to clear counter clutter. Once thought of as a basic storage space for dried goods, baking goods, and canned items, pantries have evolved into optimized storage solutions for everything kitchen-related. From small appliances to beverage fridges, serving ware, open shelves, a second sink, and even extra counter space for food preparation and serving — a customized pantry can store it all!

In this post, we’re sharing some of our top suggestions for designing a dream pantry that will serve all of your needs.

small appliances for the kitchen, every day small appliances, kitchenaid mixer, nespresso, airfryer
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Customized Pantry Storage

Get ready for some fun! The key to designing the perfect pantry is tailoring it around you and your family’s lifestyle. If you’re an avid baker, consider including a built-in appliance riser for your KitchenAid Mixer like we did in the #bloomingtonbuild kitchen. See how we did it here! Or, if you’re a coffee connoisseur, a dedicated coffee station for your Nespresso machine, coffee pods, and mugs might be more your thing. Another unique idea is including aesthetically pleasing storage crates to house potatoes and onions. This way, you can keep everything you need within reach without having it clutter up your precious countertop space.

Farmhouse style butler's pantry with plenty of storage for produce and counter space for hosting and serving
We included produce crates (without sacrificing visual appeal) in #thelakeloft‘s butler’s pantry.

Outlets for Small Appliances

Outlets are an easy item to unintentionally overlook when designing your pantry, but they’re a must-have. Depending on your space, we recommend having a couple of outlets in your pantry. This way you can keep appliances like your Pebble Ice Maker plugged in at all times, while still using tools like an air fryer or crock pot to cook dinner. Pantry outlets also come in handy when entertaining guests. They allow you to prep food while keeping your island clear for serving and enjoying the delicious dishes you’ve made!

Open Shelves

Open shelves can be a bit…polarizing, but depending on your style preferences they can be a great way to add a little flare to your pantry. They offer the perfect opportunity to show off items you love, but don’t use daily, like fancy glasses, serving ware, and cookbooks. Styling the open shelves with decorative pieces, like these glass coffee mugs or our favorite wine glasses, livens up the space and gives it an extra layer of personality!

neutral home design, butler's pantry with open shelving displaying aesthetic drinking glasses and plenty of counter space for hosting
The #bloomingtonbuild butler’s pantry boasts open shelves, an extra prep sink, and extra countertop space.

Extra Countertop Space For Food Prep & Serving

Have you ever found yourself trying to finish cooking a meal with little to no kitchen counter space available and guests walking in the front door? It’s a sticky situation for sure. Including countertop space in your pantry is a great way to alleviate this headache; you can prep food, plate meals, and more in the back pantry with ease (and out of sight from your guests!). This design also clears up unnecessary items taking up the main counter space while you and your guests are enjoying your meal. Additionally, your pantry countertops can serve as a convenient spot to keep back stock items you may need to replenish apps or drinks.

If you’re in the process of renovating or building, consider including one (or all!) of these pantry must haves. Comment below the feature you’d love to include in your dream pantry, and follow us on Instagram for more home design inspiration, tricks, and tips!

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