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September 8, 2020


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One of the most important design choices you can make in your home is choosing paint colors. We’ve all seen the difference new paint can make in a room, so we’re sharing a few of our favorite neutral paint colors with you all today!

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray

Contrary to its name, BM Classic Gray is actually more of an off-white than a gray (it’s in their off-white collection!) We love using it as a soft neutral that works as a great base for any decor style. We’ve used it in the Jennings Bay Reno, the Raspberry Hill House and the Treehouse Reno, and love how versatile it is!

Benjamin Moore White Dove

Believe it or not, finding the right shade of white can be tricky. Depending on the room and lighting, whites can have tints ranging from blue to pink to yellow, and it’s important to find a shade that works best for your home (make sure to test your paint!) We love BM White Dove for it’s neutrality and softness, and used it at the Minneapolis Modern!

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

Swiss Coffee is a wonderful choice for a neutral off-white that works beautifully for interiors and exteriors alike. It tends to look slightly warm in tone, but never yellow, which is a good thing! We used Swiss Coffee at the Lake Loft and love how it turned out (stay tuned for final photos of the Lake Loft soon!)

swiss coffee by benjamin moore paint color
Photo: Designing Vibes

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl

Gray Owl is one of our favorite neutrals, and is a bit more gray than the classic gray, with just the right amount of warmth to keep it from looking blue, but enough cool tones to keep it a true grey (although we get some greige vibes from this color, too!) We used Gray Owl at the Dayton Horse House, and you can see how soft and classic it looks.

Remember, even if you prefer neutrals like we do, a bold pop of black or color is always a great idea, too! We love contrasting versatile neutrals with dark or colorful details and other textures to keep things from looking flat. An accent wall or colored island are some easy ways to accomplish this.

Have you used any of our favorite paint colors in your home? Would you? We want to know the paint colors you prefer, and why! Comment below and join the conversation over on Instagram @AlmaHomes, too!

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  1. Dana says:

    What color trim did you use with White Dove at the Minneapolis Modern?

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