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#TheHighlandsHouse Kitchen and Dining Room Reveal

When we first saw #thehighlandshouse kitchen, we were met by outdated cabinetry and appliances, worn out laminate flooring, and dingy formica countertops…cue the 1940’s music please. I’m not going to lie, this kitchen put me through the ringer, and I can’t tell you how many different layouts I created before we finally landed on the final […]

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#TheHighlandsHouse Guest Bedroom-Reveal

Ever have a difficult time when it comes to designing the guest bedroom in your house? It’s an extra room that usually resorts to storage space, or a work-out room when the in-laws are not in town. Guest rooms don’t have to be intimidating, and can actually be a fun way to experiment with new […]

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#TheHighlandsHouse Entryway Reveal

Come on in, everyone! This beautiful, quaint entryway and staircase will have you feeling right at home the instant you walk through #thehighlandshouse front door.

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#TheHighlandsHouse Living Room Reveal

When building or renovating a home, the number one thing on our minds is…

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#TheHighlandsHouse Basement Reveal

Believe it or not, many of the houses we see still have the dreaded wood paneling. Maybe that’s your house, but you have never had the time or money to deal with it. Want to know our little secret?

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#TheHighlandsHouse Guest Bed Reveal

Who doesn’t love a good before and after room remodel? This bedroom in #thehighlandshouse went from being a tacky kids’ room (Hawaiian-shirt-looking comforter and all) to a chic and stylish guest bedroom.

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