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4 Simple Rules on How to Size Cabinet Pulls

Choosing cabinet hardware doesn’t seem like a hard task… that is until you have to decide what size pull you need. Between drawers and doors and whether they are short or long, it’s a mathematical mystery on exactly how to determine the “right” size. A lot of it comes down to your eye, but don’t […]

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Design Tips

Choosing the Best Size Rug for Your Space

We. Love. Rugs. Yes, we know looking at the prices of rugs can be daunting. But trust us when we say, a large, quality rug will almost always be the the solution to a plain room or space in your house. However, choosing what size or shape can be challenging because it’s not like you […]

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Design Tips

7 Questions You Should Ask to Find the Best Builder

So you want to build a home? Or maybe remodeling your current one? You may be wondering, where the heck am I supposed to start? As a home builder company ourselves, we’re here to help you with finding the right builder for you. Generally when you find a builder, you will have an initial meeting […]

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Building 101

A Simple Guide to the Best Window Curtains

New year, new home. That’s how the saying goes, right? Well, you don’t need to be completely remodeling or building a new home this year to hang up some new curtains and give your home a little facelift. From curtain top styles to choosing the right transparency- it is covered below, so keep reading if […]

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Design Tips

Guide for the Best Cabinet Hardware Placement

Knowing what type of hardware to place on a cabinet or drawer can be hard, let alone knowing where to place them. Worry not, we’ve laid it out below with pictures to reference. We love a good visual! Doors Knobs Knobs are the most common hardware we put on upper and lower cabinet doors. There […]

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Design Tips

Easy Ways to Prepare Your Home for Guests

Feeling like your home is hopeless when it comes to comfortably hosting guests over the holidays? Don’t worry, we got you covered. We’ve all needed a little helping hand to stay afloat (and keep from losing our minds). Are you the type of host to shove everything in a closet? Or are you the host […]

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